Tetra Tech’s Charity of the Year Update: Water.org

Each year Tetra Tech partners with a charity organization to support communities in need around the world. At our virtual all-company meeting, we were pleased to announce our partnership with Water.org that is dedicated to changing lives with access to clean water. Water.org, an international nonprofit organization founded by Matt Damon and Gary White in 2009, has positively transformed millions of lives around the world with access to safe water and sanitation.

Tetra Tech’s core values closely align with those of Water.org. Since our founding in 1966, we have used our Leading with Science® approach to help protect and restore water resources, ensuring safe and sustainable drinking water supplies are available to communities around the world.

This year, Tetra Tech associates donated to help communities in the Philippines improve their access to water and sanitation facilities. Out of the total population of 105 million in the Philippines, about 7 million lack basic drinking water services; 12 million have no access to clean water; and 50 million have no access to piped water services. As of May 2020, Water.org had impacted 4.1 million people throughout the Philippines by providing water, sanitation, and hygiene facilities.

Through this partnership and the generous donations of our associates, Tetra Tech aims to help Water.org change 10,000 lives in the Philippines by December 2021.

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