The BEYONDPLASTIC AWARD 2021 opens its gates

The global online platform for eco-designed product & packaging solutions BEYONDPLASTIC announces the hosting of the BEYOND PLASTIC AWARD 2021. The Award’s motto is: „Let us design and create eco-responsible products and packages. Let us reduce single-use plastic and start a material renaissance!“

The Award will honor the innovation and creativity in sustainable product & packaging design in four categories: 1. Most practical impact to reduce the use of plastics, 2. Most innovative approach, 3. Most beautiful solution and 4. Best Initiative in Education / Journalism / Campaigning. For each category there will be a Gold, Silver and Bronze Award with trophies and cash prizes of 6,750 Euros in total.

Who can participate? The Award is directed towards students, designers, engineers, scientists, makers, creators, inventors, artists, journalists and and teachers: Everyone who has an idea, concept, project, initiative, prototype or even a solution already in market which supports less single-use plastic is welcome to take part. It can either be an entry which replaces an existing environmentally irresponsible product / package or it can be a completely new solution. Also it can be a campaign, educational or journalistic project related to the topic.

The entries will be judged and selected by an expert jury panel and the winners will be announced and celebrated in fall 2021. For details how to participate go to

Last year, the BEYONDPLASTIC AWARD received over 100 entries from across the world. The winners included Paula Nerlich’s “Aqua Faba Foam”, a biomaterial made from the byproduct of chickpeas, Rania Elkalla’s “Shell Homage” material made from waste egg and nut shells, and Allan Gomes’ “Coolpaste” sustainable toothpaste packaging.

BEYONDPLASTIC recently announced the launch of their highly acclaimed book „SO LONG, PLASTIC!“. The tastefully handcrafted book honors eco-designers and their initiatives. It describes in detail 85 innovative and creative solutions that reduce or replace single-use plastic products. Further information can be found at

Ulrich Krzyminski, founder of BEYONDPLASTIC and publisher of the book, said: “When we saw so many great ideas for a world with less plastic participating in the 2020

BEYONDPLASTIC AWARD, we knew immediately that we had to put them in print and show them to the world. And not just simple printing, but the finest high-quality of book making, because we are print aficionados. Now we are delighted to open the gates for the 2021

BEYONDPLASTIC AWARD and are looking forward to showcasing a new collection of brilliant ideas and solutions for a world with less plastic.”

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