The Carbon Trust launches carbon footprint label in China

The Carbon Trust has announced the launch of its carbon footprint and label service in China.  The Carbon Trust has already certified 30,000 individual product footprints so far, spanning more than 40 countries and a range of different sectors. Current clients include LG, Dyson, Nestlé, Evian, Danone, and more. 

The organisation partnered with China Standard Conformity Assessment (CSCA) and registered with the country’s State Administration for Market Regulation.

Lijian Zhao, Director of the Carbon Trust China office said: “The launch of the footprint label service in China is a positive step towards the country’s sustainability goal of carbon neutrality by 2060. Through partnering with the CSCA, we’re happy to be providing a double benefit to client companies who will be able to comply with domestic regulations and also receive global recognition.”

The footprint label is an important tool to showcase a company’s effort in reducing its carbon emissions and can have a significant impact on consumer trust. 

Tie Nan Li, the General Manager of CSCA said:

“As carbon neutrality becomes increasingly important in China, the newly available footprint label service will increase Chinese companies’ competitiveness on the global market. Not only this, but the label service will help international brands develop in China.”

According to a recent YouGov survey of Chinese consumers, 62% of respondents said they would pay more for a product with a carbon label, and 62% said they would recommend their family or friends buy labelled products. The survey in 10 global markets found the Carbon Trust’s footprint label was the most internationally recognised label by consumers.

Tetra Pak is one of the businesses already using the footprint service to label their products. David Cockburn, Director of Climate Programmes said: “Many of our customers are increasingly concerned about sustainability issues and are managing to find ways to reduce their environmental impact. With the support of the carbon footprint label certification provided by the Carbon Trust, we help our customers to make a more sustainable choice in the fight against climate change.” 

The Carbon Trust China office is one of the first organisations to offer low carbon services and certifications in the country. The team is very excited to help their clients benefit from sustainable certification both at home and abroad. 

Aurelia Rabin, International Marketing Director at Evian Volvic said:

“Climate change has never been more important than now. We work diligently to measure, reduce and offset our carbon impact and chose the Carbon Trust to independently certify our work. The Carbon Trust labels helps our consumers to see that we committed to operating sustainably by continuously working to measure and reduce our carbon footprint at every stage of our bottle’s lifecycle.” 

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