The Children’s Personal Conduct Campaign Launches, Giving Children Character Building Lessons Through Taekwondo

Families will have a new gift this holiday season. The Children’s Personal Conduct campaign website – – has been launched by the Global Taekwondo Industry Research Institute. The campaign is built on the belief that the practice of Taekwondo teaches children the foundations of morality, discipline, and respect for self and others while promoting an active and healthy lifestyle through physical and mental exercise.

The Children’s Personal Conduct program is geared towards children ages three to seven, which is a critical age for them to be taught character building skills like respect, good manners and sound moral judgement. The educational lessons focus on maintaining a healthy body and mind to instill wisdom and discipline. With violence so prevalent and disrespect so common in much of the media that children see, having a solid educational platform to teach children to be free of that violence and disrespect is important not only for the child but society as a whole.

The program teaches its core lessons through the use of animation. Five animated Taekwondo characters are utilized – each representing different aspects of a healthy lifestyle, including respect, self-confidence, focus, self-disciplines and self-control. Studies have shown that animation engages young children, they focus on the lessons better and want to imitate the characters. Animation is also a multi-sensory learning tool. Children see the characters, hear how they problem solve, and then are able to talk about their viewing experience.

“The Children’s Personal Conduct educational program is based on the 5,000-year history of Taekwondo in Korea,” says Lea Na, CCO of Global Taekwondo Industry Research Institute. “Unlike other sports, Taekwondo is an ancient art that has been passed down for thousands of years. It actively employs feet, hands, and other body parts in a regimen that trains a child’s physical and mental health and establishes a code of ethics and discipline.”

She adds, “The overall goal of the educational campaign is to instill a sense of discipline in children, improving bad behavior and allowing them to communicate more effectively with their parents. This allows them to enjoy a healthy, active childhood as they grow into better adults.”

For more information and to engage with the educational campaign, visit

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