The Christina Grimmie Foundation Announces Its PLAYER 2 Fundraising Campaign Targeting Youth Looking to Get Involved by Helping Gun Violence Victims

The Christina Grimmie Foundation announced the launch of its PLAYER 2 fundraising campaign, a social media and mobile giving campaign created to support families impacted by the crisis of gun violence or breast cancer diagnosis. The Foundation was established in 2017 by the Grimmie family in honor of Christina Grimmie, the beloved singer, YouTube personality and finalist on NBC’s The Voice, who was shot and killed in 2016.

Since the recent mass-shooting in Parkland, Florida, the U.S. has observed an increasing movement by our youth to make their voices heard concerning gun violence. According to Marcus Grimmie, brother of the departed singer, “The next generation is now taking the lead in the conversation about gun violence and seeking ways to get involved beyond the politics or debates. They want to help the victims and focus on the people who are affected most, the families left behind.”

The Foundation has maintained a non-political stance concerning gun violence with a strict focus on providing support to families in the same way the Grimmie family received support after losing Christina. It has helped multiple families since its launch, including victims from the Las Vegas Route 91 incident.

“Our primary goal is helping families impacted by these tragedies,” commented Albert Grimmie, CEO of Christina Grimmie Foundation. “We know firsthand that when the headlines cease, the aftermath is a family left facing a new reality after suffering a loss. This is the driving force behind our new PLAYER 2 campaign, which is inspired by Christina’s love for video games and the matching player 1/player2 tattoo she shares with her brother.”

The PLAYER 2 Campaign is seeking to rally 500,000 people to support its cause through social media and mobile giving encouraging donations as low as $2 to provide for the unique needs of these families after a crisis such as housing, medical expenses, transportation, burial expenses or utilities.

“We’re looking for a Player 2 willing to help a Player 1 in need,” added Marcus.

Participants can join the campaign by visiting


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