The Female Quotient Launches ‘Make Equality Moves’ Campaign

The Female Quotient, a female-owned business committed to advancing equality in the workplace, today launched a new campaign developed by Burns Group, a female-led, NYC-based brand transformation company, called ‘Make Equality Moves.’ The initiative aims to drive tangible movements, developed by The Female Quotient, to solve for the harrowing reality that from where we stand today, gender equality is still 202 years away.

The idea behind the campaign is simple: to challenge companies, leaders, and people to Make Equality Moves through specific actions across The Female Quotient’s four core pillars – Parity, Advancement, Culture, and Leadership. These moves are ones that leaders and organizations can take to help shave time off the 202-year number and ultimately bring us to equality sooner.

The campaign will initially rollout at this year’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity with two experiential activations in the FQ Lounge at The Martinez Hotel’s Penthouse Suite and outside of the Palais, both of which will draw attention to important statistics as well as the key moves organizations can take for greater parity. For both activations, artistic representations of each of the four pillars will be featured, developed by female artists Laurène Boglio, Ery Burns, Marina Esmeraldo and Angela Southern, who brought the issues to life through their own unique creativity. Their artwork will be displayed on the walls and on sneakers, inviting people to join the movement, pick a pillar and make major moves to advance equality. Each of the four pillars includes specific and impactful equality moves to address the gender gap. Further, the space on the Palais will be set up as a pop-up shop, selling shoes with each of the pillar designs for purchase.

“A person or company alone has power; collectively, we have impact,” said Shelley Zalis, CEO, The Female Quotient. “We partnered with the Burns Group to help amplify the message that we can all be leaders. Change happens when each of us make moves forward, together. #MakeEqualityMoves empowers people and companies to make those moves, and to inspire others to do the same. We are launching at Cannes Lions because it is the meeting place for the leaders and brands that create the messages that shape our culture, and the goal is to take this #MakeEqualityMoves moment to ignite a movement of champions taking action around the world.”

On social, attendees at Cannes will be able to choose from #MakeEqualityMoves action boards to take pictures in front of the pillar they choose, allowing them to publicly commit to join The Female Quotient’s mission via social channels. There will also be four Snapchat filters, one per pillar, and followers of The Female Quotient will be able to share #MakeEqualityMoves, even if they are not at the Festival. Further, the Original Clovers, an NYC-based girl’s step team, will perform a custom step chant around the campaign at various locations across the festival. The campaign also includes Clear Channel Outdoor digital billboards across the U.S. that incorporate the call to action, and shareable #MakeEqualityMoves tiles that will line the floor of The Female Quotient lounge.

Joanne McKinney, CEO of Burns Group, said, “As passionate followers and fans of The Female Quotient, we are thrilled to partner with them to bring their impactful programs to life. We all know the advertising industry has not had a great track record with gender equality, so as a female leader in the business, I see it as a responsibility to apply Burns Group’s creativity and resources to the issue to challenge the status quo and drive real change. While Cannes is the perfect launch pad for the #MakeEqualityMoves campaign, it’s only the beginning. The official global launch of the campaign, with tools to engage and track movements around the world, will be in market this fall in support of all that The Female Quotient aims to achieve.”

This activation at Cannes will kick off a comprehensive, global campaign across The Female Quotient’s social channels as well as all of its lounges in 2019.

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