The Hunger Project Sweden redefines the meaning of the word ”hunger” to attract new strategic business partners

“Hungry” [huhng-gree]

1. feeling an uneasy or painful sensation from lack of food

2. strongly motivated (as by ambition)

In an initiative targeted at companies, The Hunger Project Sweden is launching a new initiative that challenges the definition of the word “hungry”. Every time a company searches for “hungry” employees in a job advertisement, The Hunger Project Sweden reaches out with an email suggesting that they have something in common – they are interested in “hungry” people too.

In order to break through the noise and connect with strategic partners, The Hunger Project Sweden (part of a global, nonprofit organization committed to the sustainable end of world hunger) has launched an new initiative to raise awareness and inspire action.

When searching for new employees, many employers use the word “hungry” in the job description because they want to attract driven, ambitious people. The Hunger Project is a global organization that works for the end of world hunger by empowering people who are hungry – for change. Which is why they That is why The Hunger Project Sweden has decided to target companies looking to expand their business by hiring”hungry” people.

An automated email based on an algorithm linked to Swedish job search sitesis sent as a response from The Hunger Project Swedenwhen a company posts a job advertisement containing the word “hungry”.

“Hunger for change, development and equality is part of The Hunger Project’s DNA,” says Silvia Ernhagen, CEO of The Hunger Project Sweden. “With this initiative, we are hoping that companies will see the charm in the campaign and that it becomes an eye-opener and trigger for them to contribute to a world free from hunger and poverty.”

On average, 15 job listings are added each day containing the word “hungry”. This means that The Hunger Project has the chance to have 15 new contacts and donors – every day.

Behind the campaign is creative ad agency Round & Round, who also is the agency that offered Americans a Great Trump Escape before the election


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