The Impact Network & Havas Media Network North America Partner To Support Diverse Media And Diverse-Owned Media Investments

Havas Media North America is partnering with the Impact Network, the premiere 100% independent, black founded & operated, family and community centered cable network currently available in over 70% of cable homes across the country. Havas Media has purchased substantial media upfront on Impact’s platform and will offer the purchased media to the subsequent brands in their portfolio at competitive rates. The partnership also gives Havas Media North America clients easier opportunities for efficient media spend and increased media investment in diverse-owned businesses.

This meaningful partnership helps ensure the continued growth of Impact Network as a media company without losing its equity. Meanwhile, Impact Network will provide Havas Media access to custom content creation and efficient pricing, as it furthers its commitment to increase diverse media and diverse-owned business investments.

“We applaud Havas Media in standing by their commitment to deliver meaningful media and supporting diverse media ownership with their partnership with Impact Network. It enables us to grow, while also maintaining our community & brand values,” said Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, Founder & CEO, Impact Network.

Havas Media is incredibly excited to partner with Impact Network and provide our clients with new opportunities to connect with audiences in a safe, authentic environment that makes a difference in people’s lives,said Anabela Bonuccelli, EVP, Multicultural Lead for Havas Media Network North America. “Not only are we thrilled that through our partnership we’re able to help Impact Network stay 100% family-owned and further our commitment in supporting diverse media, but we’re excited to collaborate on original content within Impact’s wheelhouse of positive, inspirational programming – a true expression of meaningful media.”

“Brands that are doing business with truly black & minority owned media companies is not just the future of the industry but it’s good business overall as brands further seek to connect with audiences in more authentic ways. In addition, this deal is what true investment in minority & diverse owned media looks like, finding the synergies and thinking like an investor and not just a buyer, believing and acting early and working towards growth for both parties,” added Royal W. Jackson, Executive Vice President, Impact Network.

Havas Media North America and Bonuccelli are part of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) task force that recently released new industry guidelines for companies looking to invest in diverse media companies, Guidelines for Getting Started When Investing with Diverse Media Companies. The agency’s partnership with Impact Network aligns with numerous guidelines within the report, including authentically investing throughout the year and ensuring that investment in diverse media is a core element of a company’s communication strategy to meet its diverse customer base.

“Havas Media North America is a valued member of the 4A’s and their commitment to building awareness for diverse suppliers and diverse audiences has been critical to the guidance we offered to the advertising industry,” said Kevin Freemore, SVP, Media, Tech & Data, The 4A’s. “While their commitment is vital, it is even more exciting to see it put into practice with their investment in this strategic partnership, which will create new opportunities for both their clients and the Impact Network.”

Over the past few months, the Impact Network has been securing and solidifying key partnerships with such companies as Fox, A&E and UEN/HBCU+ along with signing with the powerhouse Hollywood entertainment agency, Paradigm. All planned strategic moves to shift the once predominately faith based only network into a major viable competitor in the black entertainment sphere in 2024. 

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