The Jason Foundation Announces its Suicide Prevention Awareness Month Calendar

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.  National Suicide Prevention Week is September 9 – 15, 2018, with World Suicide Prevention Day on the 10th.  During this month and week, organizations and individuals across the country will be conducting activities to draw attention to the terrible tragedy of youth suicide. 

Currently, suicide ranks as the second leading cause of death for ages 10 – 24.  We lose an average of more than 118 young people each week to suicide in this age group.  The number of suicide deaths for ages 10 – 14 have more than doubled since 2006.  However, suicide has been declared a leading cause of PREVENTABLE death. 

The Jason Foundation, Inc. is a nationally recognized leader in youth suicide awareness and prevention.  They provide programs to youth, parents, educators, and the community to help recognize when a young person may be struggling with thoughts of suicide and how to assist them.  All programs and materials are offered at no-cost to those with whom they contract. Since 1997, The Jason Foundation has never charged a school, community, or individual for the use of any of their programs. 

In addition to various speaking engagements and events, The Jason Foundation announced three initiatives for the month of September. 

  • Updated Website – The Jason Foundation’s new mobile-responsive website will debut in September.  The site will feature increased functionality and allow for easier navigation to those who frequent the site.
  • Re-launch of the B1 Project – The B1 Project is a collaborative effort between The Jason Foundation and music entertainment group Rascal Flatts.  The positive, peer support program encourages youth through the slogan, “Someone you know may need a friend, B1.”  The new, mobile-responsive site will feature more information and an updated look.
  • Launch of #IWONTBESILENT – #IWONTBESILENT is an ongoing, awareness campaign from The Jason Foundation that encourages the community to raise the national conversation of youth suicide prevention.  The campaign encourages and offers suggestions to conduct awareness events in schools, businesses, churches, and other organizations.

Visit The Jason Foundation’s website to learn about the programs offered, where the nearest Jason Foundation Affiliate Office is to you, and how you can become involved in Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.

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