The newly founded SCPA (Solar Consumer Protection Agency) in partnership with affiliate solar companies has announced the initiation of a new national campaign called Fight Fake Solar

The SCPA have launched their new Fight Fake Solar campaign, the campaign is designed to expose deceptions within the solar industry nationwide, as there has been an influx of homeowners throughout the country that have felt deceived after going solar. These homeowners state that what they were led to believe by sales representatives and companies regarding their new solar systems actually turned out to be false. The Solar Consumer Protection Agency (SCPA) is looking to bring forth major improvements and set standards that all companies need to meet and follow before they can move forward with a sale and installation of a solar system.

The SCPA’s intentions with this new effort is to educate homeowners on the tactics used by solar companies to mislead. Some of the main issues include companies making false guarantees, purposely installing undersized systems, and knowingly signing unbuildable systems, leaving customers in limbo for years. Companies also increase payments with vague understanding from the homeowner or install a completely different system than was originally agreed upon.

The SCPA with the help of their affiliate network has created a national database of homeowners who have already been victims of misinformation and deceit from solar companies. “There have been too many cases where solar companies have made assurances to a customer only to find out years later it was a complete mistruth. We have always believed in complete transparency, we feel everyone else should too,” said a representative from the SCPA. The SCPA is also looking to assist homeowners who were victims with legal options for restitution. Another spokesperson for the SCPA stated, “The solar companies in question ultimately committed fraud. They need and will be held accountable. The solar industry today resembles the wild west, but finally there’s a sheriff in town.”

Currently there are several class action lawsuits throughout the country targeting multiple solar companies. These lawsuits stem from homeowners and city officials finally recognizing that companies used unfair practices that ultimately hurt the homeowner. “Solar is a good thing. Its purpose is to help reduce our carbon footprint, while at the same time save people money. People are trapped for 25 years in a contract with something they didn’t agree to or that works properly. They can’t just take it off their roof and how are they going to sell their homes?  It’s very unfair,” the spokesman continued.

Individuals and institutions can visit for more information. The SCPA is currently looking to build partnerships with companies who share their belief in helping homeowners go solar with full transparency. They are looking to offer certified options for homeowners to go solar without the scam. They are vigorously campaigning fake solar throughout the country to make homeowners aware that they can go solar without risk of being misinformed or ripped off. The Solar Consumer Protection Agency audits proposals and contracts then will fully disclose all information to the homeowner to make a choice.


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