TheIMPACT Launched at London Digital Impact Week

Fintech Worldwide has announced a partnership with the New York based Molinari Media, PBC to launch TheIMPACT television and social media platform.  TheIMPACT will be global and focus on bringing stories on how digital technologies and digital assets are creating social impact and accelerating progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals globally.  It is a new initiative that responds to the demands of millenial investors to ensure that their investments are having impact on Environment, Social and Governance (ESG). 

Dr Jane Thomason (CEO Fintech Worldwide) says “For the first time in human history we have the technology to connect with the majority of people on the planet and harness this extraordinary power to address human, social and environmental issues.  We need to tell those stories”

The Impact will broadcast stories from  a global network of correspondents. It will broadcast round the clock, will provide investors with ESG responsible investments,  etc etc

The founder of TheIMPACT and Digital Asset Report, Vince Molinari says this partnership will bring significant reach and visibility  to some of the most pressing issues around the world.  “These are Issues that Jane and Fintech Worldwide have been talking about for years.  We are excited to join the cause to improve the welfare of millions through our media platform and supporting the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.”

TheIMPACT will commence broadcasting from the New York Stock Exchange with anchor Nisa Amoils and TheIMPACT co-host Jeff Gitterman in December of this year. 

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