Together Equal Launches Conversation Cards for Kids App

Together Equal has launched an app version of their conversation cards targeting families, with profits from every download going straight to small, independent charities working towards equality on a grassroots level.

The Together Equal conversation card app, developed by,  is designed with families with kids in mind giving 56 different questions to get the conversation started.

Sarah Coulton, Lead Designer at said ‘We thought it was really important to have an app version of the conversation starters. Not only is it more convenient for parents, but it’s much easier for us to add, update or change cards within the pack.’

Co-founder of Together Equal, Sarah Aird-Mash agreed ‘We now have more flexibility to produce a bespoke app, very cost effectively, for charity partners who want to get involved but would like more control of the subjects covered. We’re keen to support as many charities, in as many sectors as possible so this digital format allows us to do that efficiently.’

Together Equal are already working with a number of charities in the Domestic Abuse sector, have been adopted by QPR Football team as part of their youth trainer scheme and are currently being trialled in a residential care home looking after Dementia sufferers. Aird-Mash acknowledges that with the flexibility of the app, there are different challenges.

‘A pack of cards is a lot more tangible. Once someone has a set in their hands they can understand them and they have a real sense of value. With an app you need to build awareness and encourage downloads; that said, it will work really well for charities with strong social communities.’

The cards, which were launched in January this year, have raised over £500 so far for charity, the app creates a new opportunity for charities looking at new fundraising opportunities.

Download ‘Together Equal conversation cards’ on  App store and  Google Play.

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