Together we’ve got this: Anti-bullying charity Kidscape joins forces with IZIN Limited

Kidscape, the anti-bullying charity that helps, is delighted to announce a new corporate partnership with IZIN Limited.

Kidscape provide direct support to children affected by bullying and their families. It empowers young people to stand strong against bullying effectively.

IZIN Limited was created for the sole purpose of meeting the needs of the ever changing and competitive food and beverage sector by utilising the most innovative business practices. They hold the license to produce food and beverage products for Nickelodeon, Viacom and MTV.

A percentage of all the sales in the UK will be donated to Kidscape to support our vital anti-bullying work.

Kidscape Fundraising Officer Jill Taylor says:

“I’m delighted that IZIN Limited have chosen to support Kidscape’s work. As a small charity, we rely on the generosity of companies like IZIN Limited in order to reach children and families who are being bullied, and help them to make the bullying stop. We’re enormously grateful to Erkut Ozer and IZIN Limited for their support of our cause and our work, and their commitment to empowering children. Together we’ve got this.”

IZIN Limited’s Founder and Chief Executive Erkut Ozer says:

“I chose Kidscape because everyone has suffered or witnessed bullying and seeing the outstanding work Jill and her team have done over the years in helping both children and their families has been inspirational. Also, as a Father now of 2 young children, I have seen bullying first hand. Our involvement and partnership with Kidscape is a positive way to work together and help stop bullying.”

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