TRUST accreditation scheme launches for charity recyclers

A new accreditation scheme called TRUST for recyclers who trade with charity shops has launched.

TRUST – Trader Recycling Universal Standard – is the outcome of a coalition dedicated to boost standards within the recycling sector.

It has the backing of more than 2,500 charity shops across the United Kingdom, and was formed in 2019 from representatives of the Charity Retail Association, Textile Recycling Association, charity retail chains, academics, waste reduction charities, textile recyclers, and input from the Environment Agency, the WISH (Waste Industry Safety and Health) Forum and the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM).

Local authorities, waste management companies, and other retailers are encouraged to use TRUST accreditation for their own sectors. In addition, the Charity Retail Association will in future only accept recyclers as corporate members who are TRUST accredited.

TRUST accreditation lasts two years from inspection. Applicants must pass a comprehensive series of tests across five categories. Whistle-blowing procedures are in place should any accredited business fall below standard. The fees recyclers pay to acquire this status will administer the scheme, which is non-profit making.

The TRUST standard consists of a comprehensive series of tests across five categories:

  1. Health and safety (ensuring that sound policies exist to prevent accidents and take appropriate action to protect staff when incidents occur)
  2. Sound business practice (checking that everything the business does is compliant with the law and transparent)
  3. Labour (requiring that all workers are treated properly and in full accordance with their rights)
  4. Environment (promoting the best sustainability and environmental standards)
  5. Transport (ensuring that all vehicles used are well maintained and appropriate)

Textile recyclers will have to demonstrate they meet this standard by completing a pre-audit questionnaire (PAQ) and then submitting to an inspection by an independent auditor.

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