Tupperware Donates Thousands of Reusable Drinking Items to Clean the World Foundation’s WASH Education Program

Tupperware Brands Corporation has announced the donation of 43,000 reusable drinking items to Clean the World Foundation, a global leader in WASH (water, sanitization, and hygiene) and sustainability. The donation comes as a result of Tupperware’s 2019 Buy One, Give One campaign held last month in the US and Canada in honor of World Water Day.

Both Orlando-based companies rallied around the mission to support access to clean drinkable water while supporting the hygiene and sanitation needs of those in developing countries. In support of World Water Day, from March 16 through March 22, Tupperware committed to donating one reusable drinking item to Clean the World Foundation’s WASH Education Program –an ongoing hygienic education program that focuses on outcome-based access and education programs leading to long-term behavior change– for each qualifying drinking item sold. Through its international relief efforts and support from partners like Tupperware, Clean the World Foundation provides families with access to hygiene supplies that meet their basic needs, improving health in a way that sustains results over time. 

“We admire the mission of Clean the World and are excited to join together with a fellow Orlando-based organization. Our Sales Force is passionate about giving back to communities and people around the world and this campaign reflects that commitment,” said Jim Bellonzi, President, U.S. & Canada at Tupperware. “Quality, reliability and reusability are important to those who use our products and we know those characteristics are invaluable to those with limited access to clean water for their families.”

The Tupperware® products donated will go to support Clean the World Foundation’s WASH Education Program, which provides supplies and training to schools, maternal health centers and community clinics, to help them provide education and resources on water, sanitation, and hygiene to children and families without access to it around the world. These programs were created to support the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals call for universal access to water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) globally by 2030. Clean the World Foundation continues to partner with the UN on international relief efforts and was recently named the 23rd member of the UN Global WASH Cluster. 

“We are excited to be the beneficiary of such a meaningful donation from Tupperware Brands,” said Sam Stephens, Executive Director of Clean the World Foundation. “In countries and communities in which our WASH Programs operate, we see significant decreases in the spread of hygiene-related illnesses, improving overall health and increasing school attendance. By having durable, reliable solutions for our families to gather, store and access clean water, we only expect that to further the success of our mission.”

In June 2019, Tupperware employees based in Central Florida will join forces with Clean the World to pack emergency relief kits which will include the donated items as part of the WASH Program. Clean the World Foundation will distribute these Emergency Relief Hygiene Kits to refugee and internally displaced persons (IDP) camps located in Somalia, Kenya, Syria, and Bangladesh. Designed to support a family of five (5) for several days, the kits will include the Tupperware® reusable tumblers, toothbrushes, toothpaste, emergency blankets, purification tablets, shampoo bottles, and new bars of Clean the World soap, placed in a 4-gallon bucket.

Operating in more than 80 countries around the world, Tupperware Brands has an ongoing commitment to support local communities in need. The Company is also focused on providing solutions to single-use plastic waste by reducing its environmental impact throughout the full lifecycle of a product, including product design, manufacturing, distribution, consumption, recycling and recovery.

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