UK Nature-tech innovators Earthly and Alchemy launched immersive, carbon removal visualisation at COP26

Earthly, the platform connecting businesses to nature-based solutions and cutting-edge immersive storytelling production studio, Alchemy will demo their unique collaboration: An immersive 3D ‘island’ that visualises carbon removal as a series of living ecosystems.

Businesses, their customers and their employees can immerse themselves in a bespoke digital island to examine more closely the ways in which natural carbon ‘sinks’ such as mangroves, forests and sea kelp store carbon to help neutralise their carbon footprint while supporting biodiversity.

“We designed the fly-through, interactive experience to be more engaging than an abstract notion of a tonne of sequestered carbon to help businesses showcase their support for nature-based solutions and get their customers excited about the difference they are making together towards net zero.” Said Olly Bolton, Earthly’s founder and CEO.

“We couldn’t have a better ambassador for the initiative than filmmaker, storyteller and Alchemy Immersive’s founder, Anthony Geffen, who brings a personal interest in the natural world which comes through his long-standing collaboration with Sir David Attenborough in over 11 productions.”

Anthony Geffen CEO of Atlantic Productions, which founded Alchemy Immersive added, “We’re incredibly excited to be part of this cutting-edge project. Earthly and Alchemy have joined forces, uniting nature, science and technology to allow customers and employees to visualise and understand their company’s effect on the environment on an ongoing basis.”

The island demo will feature a fly through of one of Earthly’s first client islands belonging to crowdfunding platform, Crowdcube.

“We are excited to be working with Earthly – their innovative 3D visualisation technology really helps bring to life the nature projects we are supporting to balance out our own company CO2 footprint”, said Crowcube CEO & co-Founder, Darren Westlake.

Earthly has assembled an interdisciplinary, independent Scientific Board to provide oversight and advice on project selection and verification comprising 8 experts from institutions including the UN’s REDD programme, The Nature Conservancy and The Blue Carbon Initiative.

Earthly also partners with a number of organisations working towards internationally recognised standards:

  • Adopting the Global Standard for Nature-based Solutions from the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature).
  • Collaborating with Nature4Climate which will showcase Earthly’s work at its Nature Zone event at COP26.
  • Member of the Trustable Credit network and its working group which aims to create high quality, trustable credits for voluntary markets and international, open, standardised processes for digital devices and their data in measuring carbon, biodiversity and nature improvement. 
  • Consultation member organisation of the TSVCM (Taskforce for Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets).
  • Registered Verra VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) Registry partner.


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