UNICEF Asks For ‘ A Minute of Your Time’ to Stop Violence Against Children in New Campaign Via The Monkeys

Every five minutes a child around  the world dies at the hands of violence. To help put an end to violence against children, UNICEF‘s new campaign, ‘A Minute of Your  Time’  turns time into money and money into real, life-saving aid for children in danger.

Created by The Monkeys, the national awareness and fundraising campaign encourages Australians to find out how much a minute of their time is worth so they can donate it to the international charity and help stop violence against children sooner.

Driving participants to a dedicated website that prompts them to calculate the commercial worth  of  their  time  by  providing  their  annual salary, the  purpose  built website  then transforms this figure into a tangible dollar amount.

The campaign is backed by a host of Australians both here and abroad,  including singer Sarah Blasko and The Project’s Carrie Bickmore.

Says UNICEF director of fundraising and communications Jennifer Tierney: “Unfortunately, for many children, violence wears a familiar face. They are likely to find themselves at risk in the very environments where they spend most of their time and where they should feel the safest: at home, in school and in their communities. Not everyone can be a humanitarian worker, but we can all spare a minute of our  time to help children.”

Says The Monkeys cofounder  and group chief  creative  officer  Justin Drape: “ Most people are generous enough to spare a minute of their time to help a friend, family or a colleague so the idea is to allow folks to see what that minute of their time is actually worth in monetary value. Then, hopefully, they will donate it to UNICEF because a minute of their time can help children suffering at the hands of violence for a lifetime.”

Beginning this week, the campaign launch film will appear online, and across OOH and UNICEF owned social channels.

To calculate what a minute of your time is worth, visit  aminuteofyourtime.org to donate.





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