United Spinal Launches ‘Voices United’ Campaign To Highlight The Positive Impact Of People With Disabilities In All Facets Of Society

United Spinal Association recently launched its ‘Voices United’ campaign to amplify the strengths and talents of its membership community as the organization celebrates its 75th Anniversary.

“The success of our diverse membership base in overcoming the challenges of living with spinal cord injuries and disorders and ultimately regaining their independence, propels United Spinal’s mission. Everyday our members prove that there are significant benefits to building an inclusive world that embraces their abilities,” said Brook McCall, MPH, senior director of United Spinal’s Tech Access Initiative.

The Voices United campaign offers United Spinal Association members and partners the opportunity to share their stories and selfies on a digital map showcasing the organization’s reach across the country.

“I became a T4 complete spinal cord injury in 2009 at 48 due to an auto accident. United Spinal was a lifeline for assisting me to interact with others for information and to carefully navigate the new life I was now living,” said Patty Kunze of Chesterfield, Virginia.

“I’ve learned that I am the best me when I’m part of a strong but loving community. I have many but the United Spinal community is one I’ve been a part of for about a decade. It’s the community that I’ve given a lot too while gaining much more in return. Your voice matters. Our voices matter,” said Matthew Tillford of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Along with spotlighting quotes from its supporters, the map also features information on United Spinal’s chapters, peer support groups and programs.

United Spinal’s 75th Anniversary year will culminate with a Virtual Gala on Wednesday, November 10th attended by honorees and special guests that will reflect United Spinal’s unique role in empowering the disability community and its champions.

Award-winning PBS Senior National Correspondent, Amna Nawaz, will join United Spinal as its Gala Emcee. Nawaz, who is the Host of “Beyond the Canvas” and is the PBS “NewsHour” Primary Substitute Anchor, is also an esteemed Peabody Award recipient, a recipient of the News & Documentary Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing and Society for Features Journalism Award.

To participate in United Spinal’s Voices United campaign, put yourself on the map by visiting https://unitedspinal.org/75th-anniversary/share-your-story/.

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