VMLY&R and Gazeta.pl Buy and Shutter Poland’s Controversial Erotic Magazine “Twój Weekend”

VMLY&R and Gazeta.pl, a leading Polish newspaper, have purchased and closed down the country’s longest-running erotic magazine, “Twój Weekend” in opposition to the objectification of women.

For 27 years, “Your Weekend” reduced women to nothing more than sex objects. Now, in cooperation with its partners, Gazeta.pl publishes a special final issue of the magazine, to raise awareness of key cultural issues such as sexual education, gender portrayal, equal rights, sexism and to promote diverse and progressive narratives of femininity.

“In December one of the oldest Polish erotic magazines, iconic in certain circles, was put up for sale. We immediately decided to buy it. And close it down. It is a symbolic end to the era of objectifying women. Therefore, the last issue of “Twój Weekend” will not feature any nude photos or sexist texts. Instead, it will include articles on strength, wisdom, and beauty. We hope that this special issue of “Twój Weekend” will contribute to the important discussion on the need for equality,” says Agnieszka Siuzdak, department head at Gazeta.pl

Featured authors include Rikha Sharma Rani, a journalist working with The New York Times, Maria Rotkiel, therapist and psychologist, Rafał and Tymek Bryndal, Miłosz Brzeziński, and Rafał Madajczak.

The last issue of “Twój Weekend” has kept its regular sections and columns, such as Dossier, Positions, Poster or Comic Strip, but reimagines its content in unexpected ways. The cover, shot by Weronika Ławniczak of Papaya Films, features Ewa KasprzykOrina Krajewska, and Joanna Jędrzejczyk.

Marzena Szkolak and Magda Karpińska of Gazeta.pl are the editors-in-chief of the last issue.

Gazeta.pl and VMLY&R Poland created the campaign with support from client partners including Mastercard and Bank BGŻ BNP Paribas. These companies have actively supported women in business and implemented progressive equality strategies in their organizations. 

The project is supported by an advertising campaign, including outdoor, media, cinemas, radio, press, social media and online. The magazine’s website available at Twojweekend.pl was also transformed to support the campaign. Influencers across the country are sharing and promoting the campaign with the #TwojWeekend (#YourWeekend) hashtag. Media, influencers coordination, and creative support is from Wavemaker. Papaya Films provided visual content. The Sukces Pisany Szminką Foundation also supported the project.

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