WAMU Leads Nine Other Public Media Stations in Launch of ‘Guns & America’ Reporting Collaborative

Guns & America is a new national reporting collaborative in which 10 public media newsrooms will train their attention on a singular issue: the role of guns in American life.

Over the course of two years, the 10 stations, representing a diverse range of communities all over the country, will report on how guns impact Americans, from the cultural significance of hunting and sport shooting, to the role guns play in suicide, homicide, mass shootings and beyond.

Operating across broadcast and online platforms, the Guns & America team will approach the topic of guns with nuance, accuracy, imagination, and innovative cross-platform storytelling. Expect to see our reporting online and to hear memorable stories on a public radio station near you.

The Audion Fellowship for Journalists

Reporters for the Guns & America project will be selected via the brand-new Audion Fellowship, a first-of-its-kind two-year fellowship for mid-career journalists designed to grow and strengthen public media’s pool of talented, cross-platform storytellers. The Audion Fellowship is an opportunity for a diverse cohort of 10 promising journalists to double-down on the difficult and divisive topic of guns, while gaining professional development opportunities focused on digital innovation and audio storytelling. We are seeking curious, passionate journalists who believe that journalism can transform even the most difficult conversations.

Guns & America and the Audion Fellowship are funded by a $5.3 million grant from The Kendeda Fund. The editorial leadership at WAMU is solely responsible for the collaborative’s content, and Guns & America will maintain a strict editorial firewall.

The fellowship selection process will launch this spring, and the reporting project launches this summer.

The Partner Stations

The Guns & America collaborative is a national network of public media newsrooms who will contribute broadcast and digital reporting on the topic of guns in American life. Each partner station will host an Audion Fellow dedicated to the project.

The ten public media stations selected to participate in Guns & America:




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