WePresent Launches Initiative to Help Creatives Reach Their Creative Potential

WeTransfer launched a new digital experience on its editorial platform WePresent, specially designed to help creatives realize their creative potential. In partnership with Holley M. Murchison, author of the book Tell Me About Yourself and host of the podcast with the same name, WePresent has turned her 6-step Tell Me About Yourself program into a digital experience featuring micro-podcasts and specially-commissioned animations by Yukai Du.

The Tell Me About Yourself (TMAY) method was created for dynamic human beings constantly redefining themselves. The 6-step method helps individuals accurately and artfully define themselves, while merging and amplifying the arcs of their personal and professional journeys. Shared through a book, community challenge, podcast and interactive multi-disciplinary learning experiences, the TMAY method has already been implemented by thousands of creatives to craft and deliver comprehensive, compelling introductions and personal stories for themselves, their teams, and their companies.

Holley Murchison noted:

“I created TMAY for creative minds who struggle to compellingly share their ideas as well as the layers to their overlapping passions and work. In my vision for expanding TMAY’s reach across the globe, WePresent has been a dream partner. I’m honored to collaborate with a platform that genuinely cares about and celebrates creatives while thoughtfully investing resources into their craft.”

Holley Murchison is the founder & CEO of Oratory Glory, a communication agency and speaker collective catalyzing diversity by amplifying marginalized voices. This year, Holley and Oratory Glory are producing a series of digital and in-person TMAY experiences and pop-ups – spanning across Spring and Summer 2019 – supporting emerging creative leaders in sharing compelling stories that move their audiences and communities to action.  

WeTransfer will support these events and programs through 2019 by donating 25 million WeTransfer wallpapers.

Rob Alderson, editor-in-chief of WePresent and VP of Content, commented:

Holley Murchison just gets it – she understands what it means to put yourself out there and to think creatively. She’s optimistic about what creative thinkers can do but she’s realistic about the challenges they face. That’s why Tell Me About Yourself is such an important program because it helps people define what matters to them and share it with other people. We are so excited to open this program up to our community and take the fear out of these four little words.

The digital Tell Me About Yourself experience can be found here.

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