White Stuff Reveals Sustainability Plans for AW19

White Stuff is a big believer in Doing Good Stuff and is constantly looking at ways to help protect the planet. This includes its commitment to using only sustainably sourced cotton by 2024*, its partnering with ground-breaking manufacturers to create garments in a more innovative environmentally friendly way, and its increasing use of recycled materials.

This Autumn/Winter, White Stuff is launching a number of exciting product ranges which encompass these practices and reflect the positive steps it’s taking towards becoming a more sustainable brand. Here’s a sneak-peek of some of the key things it has in store for the season ahead:

Fairtrade Sourced Cotton

White Stuff doesn’t just want feel-good fabrics, but ones that do good, too. That’s why it’s proud to be the first UK lifestyle brand to sign a three-year Fairtrade commitment to source cotton in an ethical way.

The Fairtrade Sourced Cotton collection ensures that the farmers who sow, grow and harvest the raw cotton earn a fair price for their cotton and a Fairtrade Premium to invest in improving their communities.

Saitex Denim

Meet White Stuff’s new range of great fitting denim, in partnership with Saitex, one of the cleanest and most sustainable factories in the world. Incorporating three core styles – skinny, straight and girlfriend – into its womenswear range, and two core styles – straight and slim – into its menswear range, each pair has been crafted using only a fraction of the water and energy used in conventional methods.

As part of the manufacturing process, each pair of jeans is made using 98% recycled water, before being 85% air-dried using the heat from the factory floor to further reduce energy consumption. In addition to saving water and electricity, the jeans also prevent environmental pollution as toxic by-products are used to make bricks for building projects within the local community.

100% Recycled Insulation Jackets

White Stuff loves recycling and is incorporating four different jackets into its new womenswear range, each made using insulation that is 100% recycled from up to 10 plastic bottles.

Recycling in this way consumes less energy, less water and uses fewer natural resources. In addition, the insulation is lightweight and super warm, so it’s a winner all round.

Amanda Bunting, Ethical Sourcing and Product Sustainability Manager at White Stuff, says: “We want to make a meaningful difference to the world and are working hard to improve the ways in which we produce our garments to reduce our environmental impact. We look forward to sharing more exciting news with you as we continue our journey towards becoming a more sustainable brand”.

White Stuff’s Autumn/Winter collections launch from September.

* White Stuff is committed to sustainability and sourcing cotton in an ethical way. The brand has been working closely with its suppliers and is moving towards organic and Fairtrade sources as part of its sustainable cotton sourcing strategy. Its commitment is to be using only sustainably sourced cotton by 2024.

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