Women With Agency Unveils ‘Women Run’ New Promotional Campaign led by Female Creative Team

Women With Agency has just released ‘Women Run’, an inspiring promotional campaign to increase awareness around the work the gender equality firm does in order to support the growth and development of female-founded businesses globally.

The campaign features fearless women leading change around the world, and was headed up by a team of female creatives, including writers Melissa Kuttan and Bec Brideson, editor Kelly Perry, designer Kiki Sarafis, producers Victoria Conners and Noelle Jones, and composer Angie Coffey. It has launched across Women With Agency’s social channels.

With the aim to highlight the calibre of diverse and resilient female leaders effecting worldwide change, famous faces spotlighted include New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Swedish climate change warrior and Nobel Prize nominee Greta Thunberg, advertising legend Cindy Gallop, Australian jockey Michelle Payne and scientist Jane Goodall.

‘Women Run’ is set to a stirring title, composed and produced by Coffey, which plays an integral role in supporting the empowering campaign footage.

“It’s about channelling a musical idea and finding that kernel which one recognises as having the right emotional tone”, says Coffey. “This ‘DNA’ generates the entire piece, absolutely everything flows from it. In my opinion, the most powerful musical works throughout history are generated from one simple motif. From there, one can develop, amplify and project those emotions so they resonate with the audience.

“We recorded vocalist Janine Maunder, and to ramp up the rebellion, added the crowd chants whilst layering in other edgy sounds. Janine’s clear, touching and powerful voice was chosen for having the perfect tone, and the tempo and driving tribal beat create a sense of drama and urgency.”

The music was recorded in collaboration with Simon Lewis who captured the ‘Women Run’ chant, as it gets progressively louder and dials up the temper throughout the track. Featuring literally hundreds of voices, Coffey completed the track alongside Daniel Frankel, of Dare Music, who balanced out and enhanced all of the sounds by performing the final mix and production.

Women With Agency founder, Bec Brideson, says: “I am very proud of the talented women who have come together to work on this project. In particular, Angie’s work as a composer was so important to the integrity of the film and her track supported our visuals with poise and strength. 

“The work our firm does to support the growth and development of female-founded creative agencies, by ensuring they are included on pitch lists, continues to champion change and this campaign is testament to the creative firepower women working together are capable of achieving.”

To view the Women With Agency ‘Women Run’ campaign film click here
To listen to the extended version visit: https://soundcloud.com/user-618551686/women-with-agency-extended-remix

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