Y&R Wins Gold Lion For “One Art” Campaign From Dubai Office And The Interreligious Council In Bosnia & Herzegovina

Y&R Dubai, continued its partnership with the Interreligious Council in Bosnia and Herzegovina to win Gold in Industry Craft for “One Art,” a poster campaign, showing the similarity of art forms in churches and mosques. The campaign was created to help the Interreligious Council continue their important work of encouraging inter-religious dialogue in this historically conflicted region.

Eight unique posters show the commonalities of the individual religious styles. The book became a medium of peace and was sent to influential leaders including Justin Trudeau and Angela Merkel, as well as to organizers of peace events across the world to show how there’s so much more that unites people than divides them.

“Last year, Y&R Dubai introduced One Book, which compared texts from the Quran and the Bible to show the shared values of Islam and Christianity. The book struck a chord of conciliation around the world, and the Interreligious Council in Bosnia and Herzegovina was encouraged to further the conversation this year.  We are proud that “One Art” has also resonated and contributed to positive discussions that help unite people,” said Tony Granger, Global Chief Creative Officer.





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