The story behind We Are F

 We Are F tell us how they came to be:

In January 2018, we co-founded a Digital Marketing Boutique, We Are F, with the aim of supporting female entrepreneurs and female-founded businesses. Initially, this proved to be incredibly challenging – we received a lot of hateful comments and reactions – but after two years we are still here, and stronger than ever before.

The reason that my business partner and I originally decided to found We Are F, has its roots in a particularly traumatic experience with a previous employer, a director of a digital agency where my business partner and I first met.

During this time, we were the victims of a sustained campaign of mental abuse, misleading behaviour, computer and conversation spying, and repeated attempts to sow division, unhealthy competition, and even hatred between team members.

Seemingly, this individual’s aim was to utterly destroy any self-esteem we might have had, to lead us to doubt our abilities, and to establish control over our minds. All of this was done to the end of working ungodly hours (with no paid overtime) and never leaving the company. After all, who would hire us? We’re worthless! 

After looking into it ourselves, we found evidence that we were not the first women subjected to this and were in fact, just the latest in a long line of unfortunate victims.

That’s why, after long spells of sleepless nights, panic attacks, and nightmares, we collected what remained of our positive energy and left to start something better on our own. Something that would encourage women to believe in themselves. 

We want to make a difference in the male-dominated marketing industry. We want to make women feel comfortable when discussing their projects, dreams and goals. We want female businesses to work with us, as though we were an extension of their team to achieve those goals.

Since undertaking this mission, we have built a strong community of women and given a voice to their stories on our blog and on social media. More recently, we have also partnered with One Loud Voice For Women, a non-profit organisation that amplifies the voice of the countless women who have suffered injustice in the workplace.

However, our mission doesn’t stop here. That’s why we would like to ask for some support from you to spread our message and tell our story. 

Today we are the only (if not one of the very few) Digital Marketing Agency in the UK built by women for women, and we would like to keep growing our community and let female entrepreneurs (and all genders) know that they can count on us.

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