2019 EthicMark® Awards Call for Nominations Winners Announced at major venues and in media worldwide

Nominations are now open for the 2019 EthicMark® Awards for ads and media campaigns that “uplift the human spirit and society.” Winners are judged by the diverse and accomplished Global Judges Panel and announced at the prestigious SRI Global Conference, November 11-15, 2019 and all media. These Awards have been inspirational, while raising the ethical standards for the $600 billion global advertising industry since 2006.

The nomination period is open to ads and media campaigns. These can be produced by businesses, nonprofit organizations or individuals. Nominations are submitted on the EthicMark® website, where previous winning campaigns are showcased at www.ethicmark.org.

Sponsored by Ethical Markets Media, Certified B. Corporation www.ethicalmarkets.com  the EthicMark® Awards seek to transform advertising by demonstrating the power of media campaigns to inspire and to further both the public interest and legitimate private interests.

“We expect the 2019 awards to continue highlighting the force advertising and global media, including social media platforms, have to enlighten the public and inspire companies to new levels of creative responsible marketing worldwide,” said Hazel Henderson, president of Ethical Markets Media, founder and co-chair of the EthicMark® Awards.

The 2018 winners include for-profit DONG Energy has become Ørsted from Ørsted Energy in Denmark. On their homepage, Ørsted explains its transition from oil and gas to renewable energy, emphasizing that the planet is home to all of us.  The winner in the Non-Profit category is Trash Isles, from the Plastic Oceans International and LADbible.  This marketing effort demonstrates the sad state of our oceans by petitioning the United Nations to acknowledge a new ocean state – the Trash Isles.

The annual EthicMark® Awards are co-sponsored by the World Business Academy, whose president Rinaldo S. Brutoco, as co-chair said, “Ethical advertising is a critical characteristic of a healthy, long-term sustainable corporation that honors what it sells and the deeper values of its customers.”

The Awards are in co-partnership with GlobeScan, the preeminent global polling firm; Sustainable Brands, Tomorrow’s Company, Goodvertising, TBLI, SRI Conferences and ESPM, Brazil’s premier institution of higher education in communication, marketing, and business.

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