25% of McCain Argentina Electric Energy Comes From Renewable Sources

McCain Argentina, the leading company in the production of frozen foods, is supplying its plant located in Balcarce, province of Buenos Aires, with renewable electricity, currently covering 25% of its total demand. This new commitment is part of its +ENERGÍA program launched two years ago, and is framed within the company’s global strategy to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 50% by 2030, in part by moving to 100% renewable electricity in all its plants

As a leading global producer of frozen foods and a family business with 51 plants worldwide, McCain has taken its commitment to sustainable business very seriously for decades. For the company, sustainability and community development are core values rooted in its DNA.

In this context, the company launched its sustainability strategy focused on producing more food using less natural resources in factories and farms. This includes reducing CO2 emissions to limit global warming in line with the ambitions of the Paris Agreement. McCain’s strategy is also inspired by global development agenda set forward by the Sustainable Development Goals and translates into four sustainability pillars: Smart & Sustainable Farming; Resource-Efficient Operations; Good Food; and Thriving Communities.

Reducing CO2 emissions and switching to renewable energy are essential for the health of the planet and the future of food production. In August, Argentina became one of McCain’s model countries for its work to optimize resource efficiency, supplying its plant with 25% of renewable electricity.

The +ENERGÍA program, an ambitious project to transform its energy matrix, was created by McCain two years ago and seeks to positively impact the local community. In its first stage, work is conducted alongside two of the main suppliers of renewable energy in the region. AES, a North American company, is one of the largest energy generators in the country. Genneia, a national company, will also be participating in the project, they are the largest renewable energy generator at present, with over10 large wind farms, one of which is located in the neighboring city of Necochea. Between both contracts, the total renewable electric energy acquired will exceed 20,000 MWh/year, thus avoiding the emission of more than 5,500 tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

“McCain has always developed its business with sustainability as a fundamental pillar throughout its value chain. For years, the company has shown a strong commitment to lay the foundations for future generations, contributing to achieve a more sustainable planet. Those of us who are part of McCain in Argentina are proud to take this new step in our Balcarce plant, turning this commitment into concrete actions with a positive impact on the community”, said Agustín Giaquinto, Energy & Sustainability Purchasing Manager at McCain Foods LATAM.

The local leadership team added that “the intention of the company will be to extend this process at a regional level for its plants in Colombia and Brazil over the next two years, further strengthening McCain’s commitment at a global level”.

Last year, McCain already installed a pilot for solar self-generation (electric and thermal) in Balcarce’s Final Disposal Unit.  Complementary projects are currently being developed for solar self-generation on the roofs of potato storage buildings.

In addition, as part of the commitment to supply 100% renewable energy to its plants, McCain is working towards generate wind energy to power the plant. To this end, wind has been monitored for almost a year now and land, electrical connections and environmental impact studies have been carried out in accordance with current legislation.

The integral program +ENERGÍA, also includes optimizing energy efficiency in plant to minimize consumption and increase the generation of biogas. To that effect, complementary projects are being analyzed, such as the cogeneration of biogas and electricity with biodiesel and used vegetable oil harvested during the production process of French fries.

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