£4,000 in prizes to be won in Localgiving’s Small Charity Week Challenge

To celebrate Small Charity Week 2018, Localgiving is launching the Small Charity Week Challenge. Running between Monday 18th June and Sunday 24th June, this campaign aims to highlight the amazing, and wide ranging causes that local charities and community groups support.

During the campaign all Localgiving members will be placed into 5 leaderboards based on the primary cause they support. Throughout the week, all participants will be ranked on the leaderboard according to the number of unique online donors who sponsor them. At the end of the campaign £4,000 in prizes will be awarded to top five organisations on each leaderboard – with prizes ranging from £50 to £300.

Chris Dormer, Head of Business Development at Localgiving, said: “Each year, Small Charity Week gives us an opportunity to celebrate the work of  grassroots groups. Small, local charities are seldom given the credit they deserve for the incredible work they do. The range of services and support these groups provide is staggering – the aim of this campaign is to show just how varied and vital the work of our community based, and focused, groups really is!”

Small Charity Week is run by the FSI and there are an array of activities available for charitable groups to get involved in throughout the week.

To find our more and participate in the campaign groups and fundraisers should visit:https://localgiving.org/small-charity-week-challenge

Local charities and community groups that wish to participate in the Small Charity Week Challenge can become Localgiving members in just one working day. Membership gives groups access to the Localgiving donation platform, a full calendar of match funds and competitions, and a range of fundraising resources. Find out more:http://join.localgiving.org/.

Individuals wishing to get involved with the campaign can simply donate to a charity of their choice during the week or, better still, set up a fundraising page and raise funds on behalf of the organisation to help them claim a place on the leaderboard.

For more information please visit Localgiving.org, email help@localgiving.org or call 0300 111 2340.



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