4VETS4LIFE Kicks Off Its Campaign to Change the Lives of 10 Disabled Veterans

4VETS4LIFE, announces the roll out of its program created to help 10 disabled American Veterans overcome their injuries and rebuild their lives.  The program takes 10 deserving disabled Veterans and helps them tell their stories, explain their injuries and most importantly allows them to express their dreams for building a future for themselves and their families. Each Veterans profile and story can be found on the program web site at; 4vets4life.org.  Links, stories and public forums provide a unique format whereby the American public can choose one or more of their Veterans to support and follow as they pursue their dreams.

Joining with a network of other Veteran’s service organizations and charities the 4VETS4LIFE program is set up to magnify public support and leverage their donations to provide each Veteran’s dream with $100,000 towards helping them achieve their goals.  The top Veteran vote earner, as decided by the American public, will also receive a mortgage-free home modified to meet their specific needs.

4VETS4LIFE goal is to deliver the support and assistance our wounded Veterans need to make them once again productive members of our society so that they can grow to become the foundation of our nation’s future freedom, success and stability. “Our goal is to help Americans understand wounded Veterans’ needs and to make their dreams a reality.  We want to make sure they know they have a bright future to live for and, with the public’s help and participation, we can make these disabled Veterans dreams a reality,” said Laura Tubesing, Executive Director of 4LiPHE Charities.

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