50-Year-Old Nonprofit Seeks to Advance Mental Wellness in Society

The Mental Health Association of New York City announced today that the nonprofit organization is changing its name to Vibrant Emotional Health.

“For 50 years the Mental Health Association of New York City has been at the forefront of mental health delivering groundbreaking solutions, raising public awareness, and being a vital advocate for policy change,” said Kimberly Williams, President & CEO of Vibrant Emotional Health.  “Our new name, Vibrant Emotional Health, communicates our hope for, and commitment to, all who are struggling with mental health and emotional challenges, and for a culture that values and supports emotional wellbeing.”

Vibrant Emotional Health, which will be known as Vibrant, began in 1969 as the Mental Health Association of New York City, a local mental health advocacy organization that grew into a leader in delivering high-quality innovative services, educating the community about mental health and advocating for needed reforms. Through this hands-on experience, Vibrant will continue to deliver services and supports, when, where and how people need them most.

Vibrant’s work is changing lives. Each year over 2 million people receive confidential emotional support through one of its state of the art contact center and crisis hotline services, which include the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, NFL Life Line and NYC Well. Thousands of families, youth, and adults receive the tools and skills needed to lead healthy and fulfilled lives through Vibrant’s community wellness programs.  Thousands more are reached through Vibrant’s advocacy and education initiatives that improve care and promote mental wellbeing as a social responsibility.

Mental health is critical to human well-being. Each year over 20 percent of Americans experience a diagnosable mental health and/or substance abuse disorder but less than 40 percent of them receive treatment. And of those who do receive treatment, less than a third receive minimally adequate care.  

“We should all care about mental health and emotional issues because they affect each and every one of us,” said Jennifer Ashley, Board Chair of Vibrant and Global Director of Human Resources for CBRE. “Our new name builds on our record of delivering innovative approaches to care, helps diminish the stigma surrounding mental health, and hopefully encourages those who need help to seek it.” 

As topics relating to mental health and emotional wellness increasingly dominate national and global news, each day there is larger awareness of the impact emotional health has on all aspects of life.

But despite this increased attention, not everyone has access to the care they may need.  Acknowledging this issue, and the organization’s relevance and growth in services, the Board of Directors and the executive leadership of Vibrant recognized the organization’s goals and future strategies exceeded its name.

“After some deliberate introspection we realized that we needed a name that would capture what we stand for, what we do, and what the people with whom we work strive for and achieve every day,” said Ms. Ashley.

Good Stuff Partners, a brand strategy & design agency that works with purpose-driven businesses, was selected to develop the new brand.

“The work Vibrant undertakes is of vital importance to our society,” said Adrian Power, Co-Founder of Good Stuff Partners. “We are honored to help position one of the nation’s leading mental health nonprofits, knowing this new branding will bring added awareness to the possibility of people living fulfilled lives with emotional wellness, for today’s generation and into the future.”

The new brand was celebrated at Vibrant’s Annual Gala Benefit on Tuesday, June 19 at the Winter Garden at Brookfield Place.




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