Alexion Announces Launch of Alexion Charitable Foundation and Calls for Grantees

 Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has announced the launch of the Alexion Charitable Foundation to provide further support for the rare disease community and for local communities which the company serves. The key components of the Foundation are the Rare Belonging™ and Local Needs Grants focus areas. Rare Belonging seeks to advance emotional well-being and educational opportunities, and provide relief for critical needs, especially for those living with or affected by a rare disease. The Foundation seeks eligible, disease-agnostic nonprofit organizations to help create and execute programs aligned with these priorities.

“Alexion understands that the impact of living with a rare disease goes far beyond the disease itself. It affects families, caregivers and has broad reaching implications in terms of mental health, education, and even job security,” said 
Rana Strellis, Senior Vice President, Global Culture and Corporate Social Responsibility at Alexion. “Through Rare Belonging, we hope to work with eligible, disease-agnostic nonprofits to help alleviate some of these challenges.”

Rare Belonging, to be funded through grants made by the Foundation to other, disease-agnostic nonprofit organizations, is designed to benefit people affected by any of the 6,000 diseases identified in the Global Genes’ RARE list,1 including patients, their families and caregivers by providing funding for:

  • Mental health counseling: Connecting the rare disease community with mental health professionals, supporting mental health tracks at rare disease conferences and providing related assistance.
  • Education and job skills: Providing funding for educational needs for children and young adults and career reskilling for adults newly diagnosed with a rare disease.
  • Transportation and accommodations: Reducing the financial burden of traveling to important social, educational and advocacy opportunities, as well as to doctor appointments, hospitals, infusion centers, clinical trials and medical centers of excellence.
  • Critical needs: Providing financial assistance in times of critical need, such as natural disasters or significant, unplanned expenses.

The Foundation, through its Local Needs Grants, will also contribute a portion of its funding to organizations in the communities where Alexion has a major presence and that align with the mission of the Foundation. Local Needs Grants are focused on helping organizations that serve disadvantaged or disenfranchised people, with a focus on advancing emotional well-being, educational opportunities and the cause of diversity in society and critical institutions.

To learn more about eligibility requirements and/or to apply for a grant from the Alexion Charitable Foundation, visit

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