American Cancer Society Launch Attacking Cancer from Every Angle Campaign

The American Cancer Society (ACS) today unveiled a new integrated campaign that demonstrates how ACS differs from all other causes – it is the only nonprofit that attacks cancer from every angle. As part of a rigorous brand positioning effort, the insight-driven campaign, created with The Richards Group of Dallas, will come to life with a series of :30 commercials, print ads, prominent radio partnerships, and a range of digital video, audio and display executions.

“For years, the American Cancer Society has worked to inform the world of everything we do to lead the fight for a world without cancer, but this strategy puts it all in perspective,” said Irma Shrivastava, Senior Vice President, Strategic Marketing & Alliances, American Cancer Society.  “People feel that cancer hits them from all sides, and only ACS is fighting cancer on every front.  We launch breakthrough research; create empowering resources for people to outsmart cancer; enable local communities to support those affected; and convene powerful activists to create awareness and impact.”

One of the main points of this new campaign is to show off the other ways that the charity helps  patients and their families, as well as just raising money for research. The charity runs many other  According to the American Cancer Society, in 2015 it allocated $348m to patient support programs, $123m to prevention education and $87m to detection and treatment efforts in addition to the $151m it spent on cancer research.

The first two television spots, titled “Years” and “Used To,” feature actors who had personal experiences with the disease. One is a cancer patient and the other is a survivor. Each spot references the many benefits ACS provides, including research, rides to treatments, insurance advice and free lodging near treatment centers for patients and their caregivers. The spots end with a fresh tagline – Attacking from every angle. The brand strategy will also be applied to support marquee community development initiatives, such as Relay For Life or Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.

“The strategy that grew out of our research served as the foundation for this relatable campaign,” said Trent Walters, Brand Management/Principal for The Richards Group. “Once people understood ACS’ comprehensive attack on cancer – from research all the way to boots-on-the-ground support in the community – ACS became more relatable and people wanted to get involved.  We needed to communicate the various angles of attack and how patients benefit from them in a simple way.”



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