AMV BBDO and their Client Libresse Sign the Free the Bid Pledge

Free the Bid, the pledge to give women directors a voice in advertising have announced that UK agency AMV BBDO and their client Libresse (Bodyform / Nana / Saba / Nosotros) have signed their pledge. On a news item on their website the companies comnfitr their commitment to the pledge.

AMV BBDO’s Executive Head of Production Francine Linsey said:  “I love “Free The Bid”, it’s an inspiring initiative which seeks and drives much needed change in our industry. Attracting, engaging and supporting talented women and giving them equal opportunities is of utmost importance. Free The Bid gives them a platform on which they can be seen and heard. Put simply – why wouldn’t we support Free The Bid?”

Tanja Grubner, Global Marketing & Communications Director for Libresse, adds:  “As a brand we believe nothing should hold women back, so being part of Free the Bid is not just the right thing to do, it is right for our brand”.

Libresse have approached female directors on all their projects with AMV BBDO, including the recent #BloodNormal film.

Free The Bid’s Executive Director Emma Reeves said: “We are so pleased to welcome pledges from both AMV BBDO and Libresse. With AMV BBDO’s pledge, we hope to be able to further implement our mission of bidding equity for women directors in the UK. Our hope is that their pledge sets the standard for this market and prompts further pledges from all major UK agencies.”

Along with Libresse’s pledge, they’ve announced a new opportunity for directors.



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