Army Officers Tasked With Casualty Notices Given The Chance To Deliver Hope

Los Angeles-based  Central Films award-winning director Rodrigo Garcia Saiz teams up with Ogilvy Brazil and former  U.S. Army CNO’s (Casualty Notification Officers) to deliver heartwarming news to hopeful organ- awaiting patients in poignant PSA ”News of Hope” for NYC organ donation network LiveON NY.

The tear-inducing spot follows three former CNO’s, who were previously tasked with one of the most difficult jobs imaginable: delivering the life altering news of the death of a service member to family members. After years of treating this duty with the utmost respect and reverence, the sentiment is shifted and they are given the opportunity to become Hope Notification Officers and deliver news that will change the course of a person’s life in an entirely different way.

The former CNO’s pay a surprise visit to ailing hospital patients to present them with the news that they will be receiving their long-awaited organ transplant. Emotions run high for both the organ recipients and the officers, united by the uplifting and hopeful exchange.

Garcia Saiz is no stranger to emotive PSAs that leave viewers searching for a box of tissues, having helmed the heart-wrenching “The Man and the Dog” for FATH out of DDB Argentina. The spot earned numerous accolades including 2 Silver Cannes Lions. His work has garnered him Cannes Lions for 9 consecutive years.


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