Asda announces plan to provide nearly £1million to support Community Alcohol Partnerships

Asda is delighted to confirm its ambition to provide nearly £1million, around £300,000 annually, to CAP (Community Alcohol Partnerships) for its next funding period, to increase the number of CAPs across the country, as well as the scope and quality of the services they provide in local communities. 

CAP sets up and supports local partnerships that aim to reduce alcohol harm in children and young people, improve their health and well-being, and enhance their communities. Asda has supported CAP since 2009. 

This new level of funding, provided by Asda, will be used to increase the capabilities of the partnership nationwide, and enable CAP to expand its outreach and ability to continue to grow in key high-harm regions including Scotland, the North East, North West, and South West of England as well as re-starting the CAP programme in Northern Ireland. 

The single most significant factor fuelling underage drinking is parental supply with 71% of regular drinkers aged 11-15 obtaining alcohol from their parents*. Thanks to funding provided by Asda and others, CAP has commissioned an expert study to inform a proposal for a national programme to advise parents and their children about the importance of an alcohol-free childhood**. 

The additional funding that Asda is providing will be used in part to boost positive activity and youth outreach work across local partnerships, supporting some of the UK’s most deprived communities, and providing a catalyst for the creation of CAPs in key areas. 

To further inform customers of the risks surrounding alcohol supply to children, Asda will be installing point-of-sale signage in its stores, which will direct customers to further guidance from the UK’s Chief Medical Officers. 

Kris Comerford, Chief Commercial Officer – Food, at Asda, said: “At Asda, we recognise the importance of ensuring a healthy, alcohol-free, childhood and by committing funding to CAP we will be able to help to provide vital support to at-risk groups in communities that previously have not had access to these valuable resources. By significantly increasing Asda’s support for CAP, we hope to spread the real-world benefits of CAP to more people and more communities across UK.”  

CAP Chair Derek Lewis said: “There is still much to be done to reduce the harms caused by underage drinking and ensure that children enter adulthood with both the essential knowledge about alcohol and a responsible attitude to its consumption. The additional funding provided by Asda will enable us to turbocharge our efforts and give greater focus to parental attitudes and behaviour. Asda’s planned in-store communications will provide valuable help in amplifying CAP’s key messages.” 


** Guidance on the consumption of alcohol by children and young people by Sir Liam Donaldson, Chief Medical Officer for England, published on 17 December 2009 by the Department of Health and Social Care: 

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