Asda trials ‘trolley wash’ to help customers shop safely

Asda has revealed it is the first UK supermarket to trial a permanent ‘trolley wash’ facility as the retailer looks at innovative ways to help customers shop safely.

The unit is now in place at Asda’s Morley store and works by coating trolleys in fine particles containing an anti-microbial solution – leaving them clean and dry to the touch in seconds.

It is water-less, runs on electricity and uses an electrostatically charged mist to ensure that all touch points such as handles, rails and child seats are thoroughly sterilised.

This form of decontamination eliminates 99.99% of all known bacteria, viruses and pollutants, leaving trolleys clean and safe for colleagues and customers to touch.

A single tank of the anti-microbial solution can sanitise up to 20,000 trolleys, with the process taking a total of 10 to 15 seconds.

Located at the front of Asda’s Morley store, the unit is positioned to allow colleagues to pass nests of trolleys through and put them straight back into the bay, ready for use.

Developed by UK company, The WasteCare Group, the ‘trolley wash’ has been launched in response to the challenges faced by retailers following the Covid-19 outbreak.

Graeme Wightman, Senior Manager of Store Services at Asda, said: “We know having a safe and hygienic environment to shop in is something on many customers’ minds right now. This trial uses new technology to ensure trolleys are thoroughly sanitised before use.

“As the first UK retailer to trial a permanent ‘trolley wash’ at Asda Morley, we continue to make shopping safely a priority for customers, building upon hygiene measures already introduced like the provision of hand sanitiser for customers in our stores.”

Peter Hunt, Chairman of the WasteCare Group, said: “We are pleased that the unit is now installed and in use at Asda Morley. It has been developed to support retailers in taking the next step to help customers shop safely. It’s great to see a retailer such as Asda leading the pack and trialling new and innovative solutions.”

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