ATELCA spreads computer virus in the faculties of medicine, speech therapy, psychology and teaching to raise awareness of Specific Language Impairment

Specific Language Impairment (SLI) prevents a child with normal intellectual abilities from learning or understanding language. It affects 7% of children (2 out of 25 children in every classroom) and, if not treated in time, can affect them throughout their life. An early diagnosis is essential.

With the help of Contrapunto BBDO, ATELCA spread a good virus in the computers of students of the faculties of medicine, speech therapy, psychology and teaching of Spain’s main universities. To achieve this, they created ExamAlert, a false plug-in that supposedly activated notifications and alerts in their calendar about exams and grades and also synchronised them with their mobile phone.

When students downloaded the fake application, ‘The Good Virus’ installed itself in their browser, modifying their keyboard’s behaviour. In this way, whenever they wanted to write something in any search engine, their computer would respond erratically. After a few minutes, a message would appear explaining why:


Does what you are typing not match what appears on screen?

 Don’t worry, we’ve just infected you with The Good Virus.

We are ATELCA and we would like you to experience the same as a child with Specific Language Impairment or SLI. A little-known disorder suffered by 2 out of 25 children in every classroom which prevents them from learning and understanding language.

As a future professional who will be in contact with many children, it is important that you know that SLI exists. It will depend on you to diagnose it in time and improve their quality of life.

We’re counting on you. More info at

To deactivate The Good Virus, uninstall ExamAlert by clicking here

A perfect metaphor for what a child with SLI feels every day.


A direct, simple and easy way to demonstrate the problem and raise awareness of this little-known disorder among the future generations of doctors, speech therapists, psychologists and teachers who will be in contact with children with SLI and will have to diagnose it in time.


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