AT&T Invests Over $144 Million to Support STEM Initiatives

AT&T have spoken about their investment of $144m tio support STEM, I have included the post below as it goes into interesting detail that I feel might be of interest, to read the post look here, or read below:

Thanks to a recent study conducted by the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, the “Scully Effect” posited by fans of The X-Files has now been validated. The survey results showed that the character of Agent Dana Scully was an inspiration and a trailblazer—63% of women surveyed said that Scully gave them the confidence to believe that they too could succeed in a field that was male-dominated—demonstrating that gender parity in media can result in social change.

At AT&T, we support programs that promote innovation and interest in STEM skills-building, with a goal of encouraging more young women to pursue meaningful careers in these industries. That support reaches organizations including Girls Who Code, Black Girls Code, Girl Scouts, Imagination Foundation, and These organizations bring STEM skills-building to girls and young women in a variety of ways, including after-school programs, camps, hands-on technology labs and robotics competitions.

AT&T and the AT&T Foundation have invested more than $144 million to support STEM initiatives in the past 30 years; and given nearly $12 million to support women in STEM in the past 5 years. With our investment in education and job training, we are working to create a skilled and diverse workforce that powers our company – and our country – for the future.

During SHAPE 2019, we are continuing our commitment to women in STEM through educational panels and innovative hands-on demos and exhibits that give all attendees an opportunity to explore what could be possible in the future in this always-changing field.

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