Autism Stories Launches as the World’s First Video-On-Demand Platform Dedicated to Uniting the Autism Community

In an effort to address the growing prevalence of autism and the desire to empower the global community affected, co-founders Remi Tetot and Alex Plank have launched Autism Stories, a platform that will offer informational resources to subscribers through engaging interviews and documentaries featuring individuals with autism, impacted families, scientists, researchers, professionals in the field, and more. Autism Stories will be the convener of voices that will provide support and propel the autism community further.

The subscription-based service is built on three verticals: Living, Growing and Succeeding with autism. Each section will offer 10 – 60-minute interviews with world-renowned individuals on the spectrum, such as Temple Grandin and Steve Silberman, as well as conversations with parents, kids and prominent leaders in the space.

A subscription to Autism Stories costs $12 per month (paid annually) or $16.99 (paid monthly). This grants users access to a steady a stream of new content, thought-provoking interviews, networking opportunities with subscribers and many more exclusive perks.

“My son Rio was diagnosed with autism at 4-years-old and I was immediately hurled into a spiral of confusion,” says Remi Tetot, Founder of financial media company Real Vision TV and Co-Founder of Autism Stories. “Along with wanting and needing to know more about the disorder, I wanted to know what hope Rio had for his own future. I envisioned a place to unite parents and Autistics together with supportive, unique content, and so with that, I helped to create Autism Stories.”

Autism Stories began as a Facebook group in 2018 that offered visually-stimulating and engaging content, which quickly grew to over 100k followers in six months. The style and diverse perspectives set the group apart from anything else offered on the internet.

In 2017, Tetot met Alex Plank, founder of the successful autism online community Wrong Planet and consultant on the hit TV show, The Bridge. Plank, himself autistic, also felt passionate about giving a voice to his community, and the partnership began. The union is the embodiment of Autism Stories: individuals from different realms, uniting without judgment to share experiences and perspectives in support of the global autism community.

“Everyone has a story to tell,” says Alex Plank, co-founder of Autism Stories. “I wanted to give people that opportunity. I started Wrong Planet when I was 16 and I have learned a lot about how to connect people together.”

Tetot and Plank’s meetings, discussions, and mutual dedication to helping others better understand autism led to the formation of the in-depth subscription service, which launches today. The platform aims to improve the way autism is portrayed engaging users through shared journeys.

“For 20 years, the movie Rain Main was the only face of autism,” says Tetot. “We now know the reality is so diverse and characteristics aren’t always visible. The true stories of people not only living with autism, but being successful, are incredibly powerful and motivating for those living it themselves.”

Visit or the Facebook page for more information and to sign up.

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