BeeLiked launches gamified fundraising platform RunnyHoney

Incentive and loyalty marketing experts, BeeLiked, have launched a brand new platform called RunnyHoney, aimed at helping charities and non profits raise funds through interactive games such as scratch cards, spin the wheels and quizzes. 

BeeLiked, who traditionally help marketers drive revenue and engage audiences through different mediums of gamification, have launched RunnyHoney to enable charities and good causes to open up new fundraising potential and by broadening the appeal of their fundraising campaigns.

With the pandemic sweeping across the globe this year, charities of all sizes who usually have a voice with a global reach have been fighting harder to get their voices and causes heard. The introduction of RunnyHoney has the power to enable charities and communities to become more integrated. The platform enables local businesses to support charities of their choice using fun, interactive games and contests with prize incentives, and in return benefit from publicity and potential new audiences. 

The decision to launch RunnyHoney came after The British Heart Foundation provided a brief for a campaign initiative which resulted in an interactive gamification involving a hot air balloon scratch card game. With this request came the idea to broaden this opportunity to charities looking to increase their engagement, make their fundraisers excited to participate and to motivate others to do the same. 

The platform operates as a gamified competition, with prizes offering a great incentive for those looking to support a worthy cause while being in with a chance to win a prize.

100% of the donations collected through the promotion goes directly to the charity bank account via BeeLiked’s chosen payment provider, Stripe.

With an approach that encourages people to donate, the founders hope to put the fun back into charitable fundraising. Damian Dutton, Co-Founder and CEO of BeeLiked, said:

“Our aim with the launch of RunnyHoney is to raise the profile of good causes within the communities they serve and put the fun back into their fundraising. People give more generously when they have the opportunity to play a game with prizes up for grabs.”

BeeLiked, who have been running similar initiatives since 2012 are excited about helping to change charitable fundraising as we know it, to ensure both charities and participants benefit.

Damian Dutton also added;

“Fun interactive promotions with prizes will increase the number of potential donors beyond a charity’s typical target demographic. To ensure the campaign’s success, we employ teams of engineers, designers and support staff, making it easier than ever to create campaigns that engage new audiences and thereby expand the fundraising potential”.

RunnyHoney has been created with flexibility in mind. The platform makes it easy to launch fundraising promotions that reflect each charity’s branding, messaging and goals. 

Charitable organisations simply need to visit for further information.

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