Milestone Moment: Belu Water’s Contributions to WaterAid Surpass £5.8 Million

Belu, the social enterprise drinks company renowned for giving 100% of its net profits to WaterAid, reaffirms its commitment to transforming lives by announcing a further £368,038 donation to the charity in 2024. This contribution marks a significant milestone, bringing Belu’s total charitable contribution since 2011 to £5.8 million, impacting approximately 391,944 lives. 

It is also an important trading milestone for Belu, the company is celebrating its best revenue year to date. Company accounts, filed on World Water Day Friday 22 March, report a turnover £8,747,327 in 2023 (2022: £7,086,640).

Specialising in mineral water, tonic water, flavoured mixers, and filtration systems for hospitality and workplace settings, Belu remains steadfast in its pledge to give annual net profits to WaterAid until 2030. Notably, these contributions are unrestricted, allowing WaterAid to allocate funds where they are most urgently needed to improve access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene.

As Belu and WaterAid celebrate their 13th year of partnership on World Water Day, the success of their collaboration shows the importance of long term corporate-charity partnerships, especially where there is clear values alignment.

Speaking about Belu’s announcement on World Water Day, Natalie Campbell and Charlotte Harrington, Co-CEO’s of Belu, said in a joint statement;

“As with many businesses, the Covid-19 pandemic provided a challenging operating environment, but with our continued recovery our donations to WaterAid are now increasing year-on-year. We are energised to keep growing because we’re getting closer to our goal of contributing £1 million a year to WaterAid. As a social enterprise, our model creates long term value for everyone connected to our business – what we do goes beyond products and profit. We are a business that demonstrably puts purpose first. We would like to thank our suppliers and customers for their continued partnership, together we’re helping WaterAid change lives.”

Kate Holme, Strategic Partnerships Director, WaterAid, said;

“Belu sets a powerful example to other businesses, proving that through the alignment of purpose and profit, organisations and their customers can have a transformative global impact. Clean water is a basic human right, but day-to-day millions of people still go without. Through our unique partnership with Belu, we’re making crucial strides to change that. 

“We’re so proud of the impact our partnership has had over the last 13 years and can’t wait to see what we can achieve together in the years to come.”

In addition to its philanthropic efforts, Belu has spearheaded various campaigns and initiatives over the past year, including the ‘Chop & Chat’ social media campaign with WaterAid, the launch of the ‘Small Business Guide to Sustainability’ with the Sustainable Restaurant Association, and impactful partnerships with organisations such as the River’s Trust, Thames21, and the Blue Marine Foundation.

One of Belu’s customers is insurance company Zurich. Speaking about the announcement, Louise Sheppard, UK Head of Workplace Services & Security, Corporate Real Estate & Workplace Services – UK Operations, said;

“Sustainability is vitally important to us. We don’t sell single-use plastic water bottles in our locations and have not done so for many years, plus we actively encourage and support our employees to think sustainably wherever possible. Our filtration taps, and the Belu social enterprise model, provide our people and guests with hot, chilled, and ambient water at the touch of a button, which means we have also been able to move away from our hot drink vending machines units to a less-waste, more sustainable approach.  Our relationship with Belu means we add social value through supporting WaterAid, making a real difference to people’s lives globally.”

This World Water Day marks the 13th year of Belu and WaterAid’s partnership. Back in 2011 Belu pledged to give all profits to WaterAid, with a contractual minimum of £300,000 over three years, this target was achieved within 18 months. Thanks to the success of their partnership, Belu has committed to extend its commitment to donate its net profits to 2030.

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