Benevity Surpasses $10 Billion in Global Donations, Adds 124 New Clients

Benevity, Inc., the leading provider of global corporate purpose software, today announced that more than $10 billion has been donated by Benevity clients and their people to over 326,000 nonprofits to-date. In addition, in the past year Benevity added 124 clients, taking the company’s total client portfolio to 940; almost 21 million users can now access Benevity’s platform, making it the largest corporate purpose software provider in the world*.

Of the $10 billion in donations recorded on Benevity’s platform, $3.8 billion was donated by individuals and $6.3 billion by companies. Importantly, the average donation amount by individuals is less than $50, reflecting broad grassroots engagement versus traditional high net-worth philanthropy. Benevity also reached 46 million volunteer hours and 770,000 positive actions.

“In the face of the uncertainty we’ve seen over the past two years, as well as the current economic challenges, it’s clear that more and more companies are recognizing how social impact translates to business impact,” said Kelly Schmitt, Benevity’s Chief Executive Officer. “Companies of all sizes are choosing our platform for the role it plays in attracting and retaining top talent, engaging and unifying a hybrid or remote workforce, and building a connected culture, a strong community and a brand that stakeholders trust. Mid-sized companies in particular are seeing the benefits of the ease and efficiency our platform provides to smaller teams and the significant multiplier effect it has on their impact.”

…it’s clear that more and more companies are recognizing how social impact translates to business impact.
Kelly Schmitt, Benevity’s Chief Executive Officer

Benevity’s growth trajectory continues as both enterprise and mid-sized companies choose the company’s integrated corporate purpose software to create environmental, social and racial justice impact and engage their employees, customers and other stakeholders in critical societal issues and purpose.

Among the new clients added in the past year are iconic brands such as Mondelēz International, Inc. and LegalZoom. Of the new clients, almost two-thirds are mid-sized businesses, clearly showing the growing investment in corporate purpose and social impact among smaller companies. Since 2020, Benevity has seen a 56% increase in client growth as companies seek to meaningfully engage and retain people in a hybrid work environment and as employees, customers and other stakeholders demand companies expand their positive contributions to society.

Working with Benevity to bring our internal social impact work to life was instrumental in igniting our culture of giving. Catherine Davie, LegalZoom’s Head of Social Impact

“Working with Benevity to bring our internal social impact work to life was instrumental in igniting our culture of giving,” said Catherine Davie, Head of Social Impact at LegalZoom which joined the Benevity client community in January 2022. “Having a single solution that brings our employees together, no matter where they are working from, helps keep us connected in a remote-first work environment. In just a short amount of time, we are already hearing positive feedback and seeing our employees giving to and volunteering for the issues and causes that matter most to them.”

In June 2022, Benevity also attained an important employee milestone, reaching 1,000 people.

“We have meaningfully grown our team to support the increased demand for our solutions as well as our expanding client roster and product offerings,” continued Schmitt. “We owe our growth to our vision, our compelling culture and our passionate client service, and the fact that our team shows up every day as partners to help grow our clients’ corporate purpose programs for the benefit of their communities.”

Benevity recently launched Affinity Groups, the industry’s most robust inclusion product that helps companies scale, manage, track and build community around their employee resource groups (ERGs) and other affinity groups to drive diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging with more cost efficiency.

* Realized Worth 2021 

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