Bob Mortimer cat prints raise over £3,000 to boost charity’s kitty this New Year

Cats Protection has received a welcome donation of over £3,000 from online gift company Wordynumnum to help unwanted cats and kittens this year.

The donation comes from a series of limited edition ‘cat name’ prints – inspired, personalised and signed by comedian Bob Mortimer – that were sold between July and December last year.

The prints have proved extremely popular, often selling out within minutes of going on sale.

A portion of each sale has been donated to Cats Protection, totalling a fantastic £3,211.

Bob explained: “I’m a big cat lover and have always had them in my life so it’s great to be supporting Cats Protection, which does so much to help unwanted moggies.

“I have two cats at the moment, called Goodmonson and Mavis, but I love naming cats and am always calling them different things every day.

“I initially started jokingly ‘selling’ suggested cat names on Twitter and then began working with Wordynumnum to produce a series of signed prints featuring the names I’d made up, but in the shape of cats.”

In addition, a one-of-a-kind A1 cat print was also donated to Cats Protection which sold for £412 at the end of last year, bringing the overall amount raised to £3,623.

“We are so grateful to Bob and Wordynumnum for their support. Every thousand pounds is enough to feed 15 cats for a whole year, so this is hugely appreciated!” said spokesperson Cat Jarvis.

“As the UK’s largest cat charity, we look after thousands of cats and kittens across the UK at any one time, so donations of any amount are always very welcome.”



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