British Red Cross Launches New Film To Show The Power Of Kindness

Creature is proud to unveil a new 60” film for the British Red Cross –showcasing the Power of Kindness. This follows extensive work Creature have been undertaking with the British Red Cross to help articulate their core brand promise.

Being one of the most recognisable brandsin the world, the incredible work the Red Cross does overseas is widely understood. However, their work in the UK is less well known, and it’s these small ways in which anyone can make a difference through the power of kindness, that the film aims to highlight.

The film was shot in Manchester using real volunteers from the British Red Cross to help depict the challenging, but rewarding and important work they do. The whole organisation was involved in creating the film, from offering behind the scenes tips on how to make the situations as authentic and realistic as possible, to supporting the production crew on the day.

The narrative of the film shows how small acts of kindness have an infectious and cumulative effectand this is dramatised by a pulse of kindness emanating from within British Red Cross volunteers. A thought-provoking voiceover from actor Jason Isaacs describes how easy it is for one act to inspire another.

Zoë Abrams, Executive Director of Communications and Advocacy at the British Red Cross, said:

“Day in and day out our staff and volunteers see that even small acts of kindness can make a big difference to people in crisis.

“There are many ways people can be kind with the Red Cross, whether that’s through sharing time by volunteering, supporting our work with donations, learning how to save a life with our first aid teams, or sharing their unique talents or skills.

“We want to support people to do more kind acts, no matter how small, because these little things can make a world of difference.”

Ben Middleton, Chief Creative Officer and founderof Creature adds, “Bringing to life the “Power of kindness” was a daunting but exciting creative opportunity to get our teeth into. It’s rare that you get to work with brands that actually have a shot at saving the world, but when you do, it’s not only good for the soul, but it’s good for the Creative juices too.”

Andrew Gibson, Chief Strategy Officer at Creature said,“I’m really proud of the partnership we’ve built with the British Red Cross. The launch of our new brand promise is both the culmination of a true team effort and the beginning of many more as we look to put the UK’s kindness to work.”

Dan Cullen-Shute, CEO and founder of Creature added, “”Working with an organisation like the British Red Cross is a genuine privilege: even more so when we get to make sodding brilliant work like this, that should genuinely make a difference to people in crisis in the UK.”

The film will see the Red Cross replicating a broadcast spend with targeted social media – reaching specific audiences that research has shown will feel more predisposed to help the Red Cross.


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