Calgary Food Bank gearing up for the 10th annual Put the Boots to Hunger™ campaign

Staff and volunteers at the Calgary Food Bank are getting ready for 10th annual Put the Boots to Hunger™ campaign.  For the ten days of Stampede, pancake breakfasts and BBQs around the city collect food and funds for families and individuals in crisis. Plus each night, a different company sponsors GMC Rangeland Derby driver, Dustin Gorst, a component of the campaign that is possible by the generous donation of the BD&P Put the Boots to Hunger™ chuckwagon tarp from law firm Burnet Duckworth & Palmer LLP (BD&P).

The campaign timing couldn’t be better as the Calgary Food Bank goes into summer, donations generally taper off but demand continues. Each month more than 5,000 hampers are distributed, representing an average of 15,000 lives affected.

Calgarians, and visitors, are so generous. Last year, Put the Boots to Hunger™ raised nearly $359,000 in food and funds between the tarp sponsorship and involvement at community events. Since its inception in 2008, the campaign has raised more than $4.2 million towards a hunger-free community.


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