CANSA and advertising agency HelloFCB+ Urge South African men Don’t Fear the Finger

Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in males locally and globally and it’s showing a significant increase in numbers. The problem is, for most men, there’s nothing more terrifying than going for the dreaded ‘finger check’. So much so that prostate cancer, which is highly treatable in its early stages, goes largely undetected until it’s too late.

Today though, unbeknownst to most men, the first prostate exam for guys over the age of 40, can be a simple blood test, with ‘the finger’, or Digital Rectal Examination, only playing a role if abnormalities are found.

With this in mind, CANSA and advertising agency HelloFCB+ set to work to find a creative way to get guys into CANSA Care Centres for a prostate blood test.

Introducing ‘Don’t Fear The Finger’, an integrated advertising campaign, inspired by the classic horror movie genre, that removes the fear and encourages men to go for a test. The campaign launched during men’s health month in November with a TVC, and follows a man tentatively going for his first prostate exam only to find out that his fears are completely unfounded.

Social videos and online banners also use suspense and fingers to point men to the campaign microsite where they can book an appointment at their nearest CANSA Care Centre.

“Using the very thing that men fear the most to deliver a positive message, felt like the perfect way to dispel some of the myths around what men think a prostate exam is all about”, says Mike Barnwell, CCO of HelloFCB+

Lucy Balona, Head of Marketing and Communication at CANSA, is enthusiastic about the campaign and says, “It’s important that men’s cancers are met with the same vigour and commitment that women’s cancer awareness receives. CANSA is proud to be a part of this project and we hope that we can reach more men than we have before, encouraging them to get screened and get educated as early detection is vital”.

CANSA Care Centres offer reduced cost prostate screenings to encourage men to go and get tested. Go to for more info.

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