Gillette Partners With Youth Education Charity Football Beyond Borders, In A Commitment To Support The Next Generation Of Men

Gillette® has announced a new partnership with youth charity Football Beyond Borders, demonstrating its commitment to helping provide more young people with the support and inspiration they need to fulfil their potential.

Football Beyond Borders was founded in 2013 and exists to change the lives of young people. The organisation recognises that there are thousands of young people who are passionate about football but are not fulfilling their potential at school. They provide long-term support built around young people’s passions for football to help them transition successfully into adulthood.

Over 2000 young people have benefited from Football Beyond Borders programmes and with Gillette’s involvement, the goal is to increase this number. Chief among the initiatives announced is the investment into increasing the number of qualified practitioners who lead the programmes and become role models for young people within schools. Gillette will also invest in the development of the ‘What Makes a Man’ module that is a core part of the curriculum and will be supporting Football Beyond Borders’ annual showcase event to make it the biggest in the organisation’s history.

“Our overall mission at FBB is to create a more equal and inclusive society in which young people have the opportunity to develop the skills and attitude to succeed in education, work and public life. We believe there is a generation of teenagers who will benefit from having more honest conversations about masculinity, to help realise that genuine power comes from the opportunity to express a range of emotions and listen to the concerns of others. Creating opportunities for young people to do this, in a supportive environment facilitated by positive role models who they look up to, is a belief we share with Gillette,” said Jasper Kain, founder of Football Beyond Borders.

Matt Thomas, Gillette & Venus Brand Manager for UK & Ireland commented, “We first worked with Football Beyond Borders in 2016 as part of our Great Starts programme and we’re delighted to be entering into a longer-term partnership with them today. FBB are doing incredible work to keep young people in school and provide them with the right skills to succeed in the future. Sport has always been an engine to bring people together and drive positive change, and FBB have proven the difference this can make on the lives of young people. By partnering with FBB, Gillette will continue to show we are a brand with purpose, helping to give young people the best possible start in life.”

More details on the partnership will follow in the coming months.

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