CAP – Changes to our Copy Advice service

The ASA/CAP have released a post called: Changes to our Copy Advice service. I have enclosed the text of the link below, but please have a look at the ASA/CAP site as there are lots of things of interest to anyone with an interest in Ethical Marketing.

From 5pm on 17 December, we will be removing our copy advice telephone line, which will result in all copy advice enquiries being channelled through our webform. After careful consideration, we believe that this change is necessary to maintain fairness and quality of advice to the users of our service.

All enquiries will be dealt with in the order that they come in via a queue system, providing equity in our service offerings to enquirers, ensuring nobody (other than those who use our paid Express service) is able to “jump” the queue.

The change will allow for more considered, higher quality advice, by providing our team with increased time to consider guidance, ASA precedent cases, and specialist views without changing our 24-hour response target.

We will continue to provide our advice to enquirers by telephone, following the submission of a webform enquiry, in cases where it is appropriate and expedient to do so (for example, ensuring that any accessibility needs of our enquirers are met). 

More information on the terms of our service and how to submit an enquiry can be found here

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