“Changing with you”, the new campaign by McCann Colombia for Banco de Bogotá that connects with 50 stories

People who are experiencing a transformation in their lives on a different scale are the main characters of “Changing with you”, the new campaign by McCann Colombia for Banco de Bogotá that connects with 50 stories as diverse as a teenager who decides to change their sex and tells it to his father or a person that leaves his old broom by a stunning robot vacuum cleaner.

Big or small, trivial or transcendental, changes happen every day and Banco de Bogotá, one of the largest in Colombia, tells its clients that it is here to help them from the financial side and also in matters as relevant as sustainability, development and the environment, key pillars of the organization.

The initiative considers pieces for different touch points (audiovisual, digital, radio, outdoors, billboards) and according to Juan Gómez, Brand and Advertising Manager of the financial entity, “we seek to turn the bank around by attracting new audiences, without the need to mention rates or terms that are taken for granted, people know what a bank is for. We must try not to be indifferent to people’s daily lives and the changes that we all face every day. Advertising must reconnect with people; we must appreciate those 30 seconds that they dedicate to us”.

“In addition to the new graphic image, there is a substantial change in tone, a daily and closer one,” says Jaime Perea, Creative Director of McCann Colombia. “Our client asked us to increase the level of brand engagement and generally what works best for these cases is storytelling,” he says.

Paula Quintero, Account Director of the agency, notes that “undoubtedly it is a campaign that makes you smile. And that is what has to happen not only when you see the pieces, but also when you have any type of interaction with the bank, which is why we are making an enormous effort in terms of endomarketing and customer service”.

“Here we are changing at all levels, and we are not going to stop,” emphasizes David Nieto, Marketing and Media Manager of Banco de Bogotá. “And this campaign is just the beginning, but a big start.”

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