Charitable Organisations Supporting Young People Say That More People Than Ever Are Facing The Decision To Eat, Heat Or Keep Clean, According To In Kind Direct’s Latest Research

Research released today by charity In Kind Direct showed that 86% of charitable organisations supporting 18-24 year olds, say demand for their services has increased in the last few months. The research also highlights that 88% reported the people they support are feeling more anxious or depressed*, likely exacerbated by rising living costs and the long-term impact of the Covid pandemic.

Insights from 320 charitable organisations in In Kind Direct’s network who support 18-24 years olds across the UK, show the implications of the pandemic and rising costs of living are reaching young people far and wide. 

The survey also reveals:

  • 75% of organisations supporting 18-24 years olds said products help improve mental health and wellbeing*
  • While 77% reported that they most need personal hygiene products such as toilet roll, dental care, shower gel and period products were the most needed 

According to further research undertaken with YouGov to understand more about social issues in GB, many 18-24 years olds (16%) have been left no choice but to forego hygiene products** due to budget restraints and 50% reported dental care products (toothbrushes and toothpaste) are most important to their self-esteem and confidence**.

Hygiene essentials like deodorant, toothpaste and shower gel mean more than keeping clean. Having access to these products power self-confidence, dignity and fuel learning opportunities as they create a sense of value and self-worth. The difference between being able to afford deodorant or not being able to afford deodorant, could be the difference between having the confidence to attend a job interview or not. Being able to afford period products could be the difference between going to college or staying home and inevitably, falling behind.

The In Kind Direct research brings to life many personal accounts of how hygiene products help young adults with mental wellbeing, confidence and self-esteem across the country: 

  • “We gave toiletries to a young boy to prepare for a job interview, this made him feel clean and confident and definitely improved his self-esteem when attending this interview.”  CEYZ (Caerau and Ely Youth Zone), Cardiff
  • “Hygiene poverty is real and we support young people in all aspects of their lives. We host ‘personal presentation’ workshops which covers hygiene, particularly periods for girls. … In Kind Direct has been amazing for us, we can access items we need for cleaning the office base, keeping everyone safe and most importantly looking after our young people.” G15 youth project, Glasgow
  • Many of our young women are on just £57 a week and have to make a choice between buying sanitary products or food. Food always wins.”  YMCA Wellington​

In Kind Direct believes that everyone deserves access to life’s essentials and that no usable product should go to waste.

Rosanne Gray, CEO In Kind Direct, says, “The stark reality is that hygiene products, which so many of us take for granted each day, are a gateway to confidence, dignity and self-esteem which open up opportunities for thousands of young people in the UK. We are committed to supporting people who are experiencing hygiene poverty by appealing for product donations from corporate organisations, and through our amazing network of charitable organisations – we’ll get these products into the hands of people who need them’’

From In Kind Direct

​We are appealing for 13 categories of hygiene products to be donated to support the increasing number of young people in the UK, having to choose between eating, heating and keeping clean.​

Are you a manufacturer, retailer or supplier and have products to donate? 

Contact: with what products and volume you have available.

If you are a charitable organisation seeking products, you can register with us for free via:​

Do you know a company who has products to donate or a local charity or school who would benefit from these products? Share the details above on how to donate or sign up for free.

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